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Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

Marfrig Global Foods is a global leader in the production of hamburger meat patties and the 2nd largest beef producer in the world. Our facilities consist of 33 production units, strategically located in South America and North America. The Company’s activities include the production, processing, industrialization, sale and distribution of food based on animal protein, basically bovine protein, in addition to the sale of other food byproducts, such as frozen vegetables, poultry, pork, lamb, fish, sauces and desserts.

With approximately 32,000 employees, the Company operates in the food service industry through its retail and wholesale channels and offering a diversified and comprehensive portfolio. Its products are present in the largest restaurant and supermarket chains in the countries where it operates, reaching millions of consumers in approximately 100 countries.

North America Operation

The North American division is responsible for approximately 75% of Marfrig’s consolidated results in the last nine months ended September 30, 2020 and is represented by the National Beef company, the fourth largest beef producer and recognized as the most profitable and efficient company in the United States beef industry. The division has three slaughtering production units with a consolidated capacity of 13,100 animals/day, totaling approximately 3.7 million head/year and representing roughly 14% of the slaughter market share in the USA. Its products are sold in the domestic retail, wholesale and food service channels and exported to several countries, standing out as the main exporter of chilled beef in the United States focused on markets such as Japan and South Korea.

Additionally, the North American division sells products that are complementary to slaughter and byproducts that originate from this process. It also has a tannery and logistics operation, and a state-of-the-art platform that allows products to be sold online directly to the end consumer. With a portfolio of high added value products, the North American division offers goods with the best specifications and quality, in addition to widely recognized brands.

In addition to producing beef, the North American division has 5 industrialized production units, with an annual capacity of 204,000 tons, of which 100,000 tons per year are used to produce hamburger beef patties, with emphasis on the Ohio unit, one of the largest and most technological hamburger meat plants in the United States that is dedicated to the food service industry and capable of producing chilled and frozen hamburger meat.

National Site

South America Operation or Latin America Operation

This Marfrig division is responsible for approximately 25% of the consolidated Net Revenue for the nine months ended September 30, 2020, and one of the main beef producers in South America, with a slaughter capacity of roughly 17,000 animals/day, which totals more than 5 million heads/year.

he South American division has production facilities in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, and is recognized for the quality of its products both in the domestic and foreign markets. This division is one of the main exporters in the region and has the largest number of plants in South America (13) authorized to export to China.

Additionally, this division has the largest hamburger meat production in the region, with an annual capacity of 122,000 tons, in addition to an annual production capacity of other processed products, in the amount of 105,000 tons and totaling 227,000 tons per year of processed goods.

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