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Useful Links


Information and statistics on Marfrig´s sector can be found in several institutions, organizations and trade associations, including:


Marfrig is committed to being an effective agent for transforming the production chain, encouraging production models that preserve biomes and biodiversity, with effective actions to guarantee supplies from areas free of deforestation, as well as the development of new forms of production.
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Brazilian Institutions

ABIEC – Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Exportadoras de Carne (Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters Industry)
Information about Brazilian livestock, slaughtering, exports and world market statistics, and livestock balance.

ABIPECS – Associação Brasileira da Indústria Produtora e Exportadora de Carne Suína (Brazilian Association of Pork Producers and Exporters)
On this site you will find statistical data of exports, imports, production and consumption of domestic and world markets of pork, in addition to annual reports on the industry.

CONAB – Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (Supply National Company)
The site offers sporadic reports of scenario and perspectives about grain crops in Brazil, besides Agribusiness indicators, such as prices of inputs.

UBABEF – União Brasileira de Avicultura (Brazilian Poultry Union)
Information about domestic market and exports of poultry, statistical data such as major producers, world exporters and importers and Brazilian production, exports and consumption, in addition to news about scenario and industry perspectives.

International Institutions

USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture
The site provides reports with trends and scenarios of production and consumption of grains and proteins.

INAC (Uruguai) – Instituto Nacional de Carnes (National Meat Institute)
The site contains information about the meat sector in Uruguay, including the domestic market, exports and prices. It also provides reports with scenarios and trends of production and consumption of Uruguayan meat.

ONNCA / Sagpya / SIIA; (Argentina) – Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing)
Information about beef, pork, sheep and poultry prices in Argentina. It also provides annual reports of each industry.

DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – GOV.UK
The site contains information about food and rural affairs in UK.

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